The original

A new and improved storage solution for garages

Positioned high on the garage wall, out of the way. 

The cabinet and it’s contents come down to you at the push of a button! 

No more lifting

The contents come down to you! Forget the ladder and struggles to access items.

Use existing space that is not currently used

The space is already there...make the most of it!

Simple push button control

Remote control operated. Simple push button function. Stops automatically.

Safe storage from children

Possibly its most valuable feature. Safe storage of chemicals away from children.

Sort with ease, always knowing where items are

Store all manner of items in the one place for easy access.


A large range of colours and finishes to suit many styles.

Is 40 kg enough?

That's the same as 40ltrs of water! Huge capacity.


looking after your investment. 3 year on motor and 5 years on case assembly.

More and more...

We know you will have more uses because our customers keep telling us how they use it and discovering new applications!

Christmas specials- NOW ON
ALL ITEMS IN stock & ready for immediate delivery

car wash Products- one of our customers most popular uses

store all your gear in the one convenient place !
access in seconds
out of reach of kids

innovation improving your daily life in so many ways...

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Ready for DIY installation

A straight forward process with 3 main assembled components

During the design phase we focused on ensuring Stow High would be as simple and straight forward as possible to install. As a result, it can now be installed by almost anyone with basic DIY skills within a short time frame.

We know from our own experience how frustrating it is when you, the customer has to assemble just about everything for DIY products yourself. At Stow High, the Model E is pre-assembled at the factory so you don’t have to and it is ready for installation right out of the box. 

The 3 step installation process is suited for anyone with moderate skills. The comprehensive instructions have been prepared by ourselves with feedback from consumers, so your in good hands. Watch the installation video to learn more before installing.   

We supply tools to get the job done with no messing around

Your Stow High Model E, is supplied with wall fixing screws (timber), wall mounting brackets, screws and nuts.

Nothing is more frustrating with a DIY project when the specialized tools to complete the job are not included. We know the frustration this causes.  So we have included a magnetic spirit level, 3mm hex key, adjustable spanner and specialized drill driver screw bit. No worries!

All you need is a ladder, powered drill, masonry or timber drill bit, pencil and up to 2 hours. A wall stud finder will assist with the installation as will a friend!

"Designed to be rugged and durable...inspired by the Land Rover Defender's of the past; functional, ruggedness with versatility. Built to last."
Justin Lange
INVENTOR & Designer
Winner 2019 Bendigo Invention & Innovation Awards