The Altitude version provides a high level of customization and finish to the Stow High unit. 

Select from a choice of 7 colours for the cover. You can also select the same colour or a different colour for the case and shelf, creating real individualization.  

Components are manufactured from treated steel and then powder coated for the ultimate in protection.

The Altitude 2 variant is our most popular model with males due to the industrial look of the aluminium checker plate cover combined with your choice of case & matching shelf colour. 

Other components, which are not visible with the cover installed  are powder coated in silver. 


All steel construction

Manufactured from steel (except aluminium cover!)

Choice of 7 popular colours

Choose from our range of 7 colours.

Powder coated steel cover

Powder coated cover in choice of 7 colours. Durable and aesthetic.

Powder coated case and shelf

Powder coated case and 1 shelf in matching choice of 7 colours. Durable and aesthetic.

Motor & Drive assembly

Fully assembled and configured. Electric motor is paired to the remote control. Quality tested at the factory. Ready to install and plug in.

Remote control

Remote control supplied, configured to the drive assembly and ready to use immediately. Supplied with battery.


Powder coated bracket pairs included. Supplied with screws and driver drill bit.

Wall backing plate

Powder coated wall backing plate. Adjustable for wall positioning to optimize the preferred location.

Aluminium Checker plate cover

Altitude 2 includes the genuine aluminium checker plate cover. Durable and aesthetic.

Fixing Screws

Screw kit included for timber, including drill driver.

Tool kit for DIY

Supplied with tool kit including magnetic spirit level, Hex key, adjustable spanner and drill driver bit.

Masonry fixing kit

Optional masonry fixing kit for brick, block and concrete surfaces.

All Altitude variants include the items necessary to install and operate Stow High. This includes the wall fixing screws to install into a timber framed stud wall, instructions, motor assembly components (pre-assembled), fixing plate as well as the remote control which includes the battery.  Stow High can also be installed into a suitable brick/masonry, block or concrete wall with the optional bracket kit.


All powder coated finish. Choose a colour for the cover and the same or different for the case and shelf.
$ 650 +gst
  • All metal construction
  • Powder coated top cover
  • Powder coated wall backing plate
  • Powder coated case in choice of 7 colours
  • Powder coated shelf (matching case colour)
  • Powder coated cover in choice of 7 colour options
  • Motor drive assembly- fully assembled
  • Remote control with battery
  • Programmed remote control
  • Wall brackets
  • Tool kit
  • Fixings (timber)


Swap the painted cover for a Aluminium checker plate finish. Choose a colour for the case and shelf.
$ 745 +gst
  • All features of Altitude 1 PLUS:
  • Aluminium checkerplate cover (replaces painted cover)

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Our Customers say

Using the space that we could never practically use before, hard up against the garage door sure makes sense. I can now store all my BMW care products there in the one spot and access it when needed at the push of a button. Sure is handy.
Gary K
Altitude 2
Knowing that all of our chemicals including the rat sak and other nasty poisons are stored in the one spot out of reach of the grand kids when they come around is real peace of mind. Being able to still access them at the push of a button when I need them- brilliant!
P Harrop
Altitude 2
Not having to use my step ladder anymore to get to the everyday items that i store in the garage, but rather use a remote control is superb. Because I can walk under it when closed has transformed how i use the garage space. I can't believe this has not been done before!
Rosemary L
Altitude 1