The original


A new and improved storage solution for garages

Maximize the existing storage space of your garage, with the revolutionary electric lifting and lowering functionality.



The Model E is more than just an innovative storage device to maximize your existing garage space. It removes the need to lift items in and out of shelving or storing them on a wall hook device. Finally, you can store items out of the way and still access them in seconds. In addition to these features you can customize the look and appearance of the device to bring style and appearance to an otherwise plain space.

Stow High is a simple no fuss, DIY solution for your garage or home storage needs all in the one device. Installation typically takes less than 2 hours. It is ready to be plugged into any domestic power point. Once plugged in and installed use the remote-control unit to operate it. The battery powered remote control can be placed anywhere within the garage for convenience.  

Fabricated from metal, Stow High is designed to be robust and to last. Treated in a galvanised or powder coated finish provides protection and durability. You will be confident knowing the Model E has undergone and passed rigorous design and testing protocols and achieves compliance to Australian Standards. A Model E can be installed into timber stud walls, brickwork, blockwork and concrete structures. It is certified to carry (lift and lower) 40 kg’s of additional weight, which is the equivalent of 40 litres of water or around ½ the weight of an average adult!

Lifting and lowering typically takes less than 20 seconds regardless of the weight at the singe push of a button. Push down on the remote and it automatically lowers and stops at the ‘low’ level. Access what you need then push up on the remote and it raises automatically and closes at the ‘high’ level. These setting are pre-programmed from the factory, so you don’t need to worry about setting them up all you need to do is plug it in to a power point. If you want to make custom changes to the lower or upper level settings, no problem. Instructions are included on how to customize these settings to suit your exact requirements and typically takes less than one minute to make changes.

The Model E device is 900mm wide, 750mm high and has a depth of 240mm and can store and lift a diverse range of typical garage storage items. As it typically stores items above head height it frees up space so you can walk right under it or open a car door up with ease.  

With a galvanised or powder coated finish, it is adaptable to suit many typical situations within the garage or home environment where chemicals or solvents are used. The galvanised version is best suited to store harsh chemicals/solvents and can be fitted with or without a cover. Powder coated versions can still store chemicals and other similar products however more care needs to be taken when cleaning and selecting items to store. 

Because things change, we designed Model E so that if you need to move it to a new location in the house or to a new house for example this can be done very simply with only the wall screws for brick, block or masonry requiring replacing.

The Model E is perfect for garages but can also be installed in suitable locations within the house such as laundries and corridors.

Proudly manufactured in Bendigo, Victoria & supporting Victorian businesses through the supply chain.

The Model-E range is available in 4 different variations to suit your specific needs and budget.

We are proud of our innovative design and features and hope you too will enjoy the benefits of Stow High for many years to come. 

Upper assembly

Lower assembly


Drive assembly

Fully compliant to Australian Standards. 


'Alpine 1' version in action

(white cover-white case)


All steel construction

Built to last.

Galvanised or powder coated finish

Long lasting and durable finish options.

Cover options

Bring colour and texture to your garage.

Aluminium checker plate cover

Durable and rugged looking option.

NO cover options available

A model to suit your needs.

Install the cover in seconds

Simple installation.

Personalize the finishes

Bring colour and texture to your garage.

Fully assembled drive components

Ready to connect, no pre-assembly required.

Open or close in 20 seconds

At the push of a button. Programmed at the factory- ready to use.

Adjustable height control

Adjust the height to suit your requirements.


Ready to be installed, simple and straight forward.

3 part assembly process

Simple installation process.

All fixings and screws included

Everything you need to install.

Specialized tools included

Ready to be installed, simple and straight forward.

Assembled in regional Victoria

Supporting the Australian regional economy in these tough times.


Starting from:
$ 599 +gst
  • 3 models to choose from
  • All metal construction
  • Galvanised


$ 727 +gst
  • Choose from 7 colour options
  • All powder coated finish
  • Powder coated shelf


Starting from:
$ 775 +gst
  • 2 models to choose from
  • Choose a cover colour
  • Aluminium checker plate cover
  • Choose a colour for the case and shelf


$ 1045 +gst
  • Customization of colours
  • Choice of exclusive gold or silver finised brushed aluminium cover

Our Customers say

I bought this for my husband, who is in his 70's. After he worked out what it was and what it does he installed it himself with no problems, took a few hours but was straight forward enough.
Since he has stuffed it full of gardening tools and uses it every day when its not freezing outside!
In hindsight wish I had got him a shelf. Quieter than I was expecting. Great product.
Base 1
Knowing that all of our chemicals including the rat sak and other nasty poisons are stored in the one spot out of reach of the grand kids when they come around is real peace of mind. Being able to still access them at the push of a button when I need them- brilliant!
P Harrop
Altitude 2
Love the function. Aluminium checker cover is solid and gives the garage some oomph!
Base 3
Utilitarian, functional and it just works. 40kg capacity is more than enough. You nailed it. More like a Hummer than a LR-Defender!
Base 3
Using the space that we could never practically use before, hard up against the garage door sure makes sense. I can now store all my BMW care products there in the one spot and access it when needed at the push of a button. Sure is handy.
Gary K
Altitude 2