Peak 1

$1,045.00 ex. GST


Top of the range and fully customizable in colours and exclusively offered in this version is the aluminium composite cover in either gold or silver finish.

Both covers have a brushed finish texture and are exclusively available only on the Peak version.

The cover has a unique brushed textured finish and is 3mm thick and extremely durable. Either of these covers provide a visual WOW factor under artificial or natural light. All other components are painted to your choice of colour options providing the ultimate in customization as well as protection and longevity.

Go ahead spoil yourself or someone else with the Peak version.

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Select the colour option for the case assembly and shelf from our 7 options.

Also included in the Peak version are items that are options on other models including an additional painted shelf, 2 shelf guard kits, magnet clip packs and extended power cord.

All components for installation and operation are included.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne and Regional Victoria some items may have a back-order period of up to 3 weeks.

Cover Colour

Gold, Silver

Case, Shelf & all other components colour

White, Black, Maroon, Navy, Red, Green, Silver