Add on accessories

+ Bike lifter

Suitable for the Base 1 and Exposed models

Lift & lower your bike at the push of a button
Remote control operation
Clean or service whilst on the frame at your preferred height
Lock to the cabinet for added security
Store and access all your gear in seconds

The + Bike accessory is a bolt on shelf accessory suitable for the Base 1 or Exposed models. The + Bike accessory is supplied, fully assembled ready for installation into the cabinet, like a shelf. It is removable if required. The shelf colour is optional for Exposed models and has a galvanised finish for the Base 1. The bike mount is black on all variants.

Select the Base 1 or Exposed model and at checkout simply select  ‘+ Bike accessory’ to add to your order.   

Suitable for most large bikes with a horizontal top tube (frame). 

Ideally suited for garages with 2.6m up to 3.0m floor to ceiling height

19.5kg maximum bike weight

15kg maximum cabinet storage weight

More user focused innovations coming soon...